This great article, " Building a sustainable healthcare ecosystem"  from Dr Jeremy Lim, a Singaporean at Oliver Wyman - a global consulting firm - giving his comments, suggestions and insights on our local healthcare ecosystem after the Health Minister mentioned the shift towards going " Beyond Healthcare to Health".

With a few key points and citation on
1. How the current model is " not sustainable"? ( in fact no where else in the world has created one yet)
2. His visionary solution and roadmap to create one based on research and studies
3. He also touched on "Wellness" and "Wellness at Workplace"

What particularly strike me is, how he emphasized that the benefits of lifestyle management and disease prevention in the Rand study might be " non-financial in nature" and that more time ( perhaps 20-50 years or more) is required for the study period to see the effects. ( I hope it will not become too late though).

He encourages Singapore and corporates to be more than " just lip service" with regards to developing and promoting a sustainable healthcare ecosystem as Wellness has its value "for our health and financial well-being", giving Singaporeans yet another opportunity to take pride in this " Little Red Dot".

After all, what is wealth without the health to enjoy it?

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image source: Original Article on Today


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