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Living and working in Singapore, I have had the opportunity to learn so much in my fields. I have over 10 years of broad experience in 3 industries – private education, luxury retail and the health and fitness. I am presently expanding my skills into the world of User Experience (UX) through a 10-week immersive course at General Assembly.

As an individual,  I am energetic, empathetic and hold high regard for integrity . You may find me quietly passionate, with a strong and kind presence and have an innate curiosity for in-depth thinking in fields that pique my interests. I’ve had many different experiences that have built me into the skilled professional I am today. Now, I’m looking for new a role in the User Experience/Research field to marry my experiences and hope to venture further down this chosen career path, growing, developing and working together in a fun team that co-create innovative solutions that serve people and transform industries.