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    Getting back in the Driver’s seat

    You may wonder what makes this page any different from the thousands and millions of health and fitness professionals out there? Well, first of all, I am not here to "compare"- instead, I am [...]


Hi there,
I am an Women Integrative Health and Fitness Coach. and a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer survivor. I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science with a major in Food Science and Technology from the National University of Singapore. I am internationally certified and trained in Personal training, Strength and Functional training, Polestar Pilates, Basic Calisthenics. I am also certified in Precision Nutrition coaching and am proficient in managing the relationship between hormones and energy levels. I am currently pursing knowledge and practical skills in Integrative Health Coaching program that is accredited by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC).

I serve women from all walks of life and ages 25 – 60, who are at the cross-roads of their health journey despite visiting many doctors; who are struggling with getting their energy levels up and who are confused where to get started with their program. They range from busy and burnt-out corporate executives, overburdened mums and women with various diagnosed hormonal imbalances and gut/digestive issues.

With a focus lens of keeping the female hormonal system in harmony, I emphasize on energy and weight management – with adopting the right quality of Movement, Nutrition and Lifestyle practices that works for YOU – using integrative health and fitness methods that are backed by evidence-based research. 

As a health coach, my role is partnering and supporting you towards finding the heart-centered solutions that are often found within you.  My greatest joy is witnessing YOU living a life of renewed vitality and purpose while freeing the minds from obsessing on the aesthetics.


I coach women on an individual basis — this provides us a safe and intimate space to really dive deep and
explore all the obstacles that we have built in our lives.

Depending on the needs of women, my 3 keys of 1-1 Coaching Services  involve
: -Movement (Science-based Training Programs to be fitter and stronger, simultaneously reducing pain and improving posture)
:- Vitality ( Nutrition and Lifestyle suggestions to re-balance your energy and hormonal imbalances from the root cause)
:- Strength ( A total women empowerment program involving both Movement and Vitality )

I am available through in-person 1-1 coaching sessions (Singapore) and Skype sessions (for online worldwide coaching)

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