CHANGE – is an amazing experience if you just let it happen to you and view it from the way it was intended to be – Yan

I enjoy coaching women on an individual basis — this provides us a safe and intimate space to really dive deep and explore all the obstacles
that we have built in our lives. My clients come from around the world and are mostly busy corporate leaders and well-educated professionals who
juggle their lives between their career and family. They reach out to me to get their feminine health, strength and vitality back in order.

I focus on improving energy while managing weight through the lens of keeping the female hormonal system in harmony,
using evidence-based integrative health and fitness methods that work for you.

If you are in Singapore and wish to work in-person, please find me on Tangram Wellness™ here.
If you are from outside of Singapore or wish to work virtually, we can work together via Skype/Email

Know what you stand for, or you will fall for anything” – Isaiah Hankel, PhD.

The quote above is from one of my favorite authors  — we now live in a world of more.
And with the rise of social media and connected travel, comes more “distractions” and we somewhat get caught being part of the noisy marketing words.

As a purpose-driven person, I always strive to deliver the best and fair-value services and products for my businesses and clients to the best of my knowledge. This means that I will only say, act upon and support causes that I truly believe in.

I will not lie or sugarcoat just to hide the truth. I can only say what I know and have personal experience with.

I may from time to time be supported with brands and products to recommend —
I purchase and use them and find them effective for the long term value they bring to my well-being.

If I may make a commission from selling them, this will be indicated.

Current Brands and Nutritional Supplements I use and recommend:

I have spent dollars and research looking for high grade natural supplements that are reasonable on the pocket.
I have found that NOW™ and Jarrow’s Formula™ are some of the best in the market.

Please remember, supplements as the name implies, are companions to our main lifestyle routine.
We still have to look at our overall habits and activities as the main sources of keeping our health in order.

I use the following supplements to aid in my recovery from stress and exercise, energy management as and when required.


You can get these supplements from many nutritional companies and websites. I order mine from as I live in Singapore and we don’t get many natural unflavored supplements in the market. If you wish to support me and get discounts, you can

use my discount code ” YUY665″ upon check out to get 5% discount code,

or go straight to my link  to shop.
I pay it forward with deals like that by giving a shout-out or donating to the charity of my choice ( typically children and women-related)




I believe in healthy collaboration with like-minded brands, companies and individuals. If you have a concept and wish to work with me, feel free to contact me.

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