CHANGE – is an amazing experience if you just let it happen to you and view it from the way it was intended to be – Yan

I coach women on an individual basis — this provides us a safe and intimate space to really dive deep and explore all the obstacles
that have been built in their lives. These women are from around the world and are mostly busy corporate leaders and well-educated professionals who
juggle their lives between their career and family. They reach out to me to get their feminine health, strength and vitality back in order.

I focus on improving energy while managing weight through the lens of keeping the female hormonal system in harmony,
using evidence-based integrative health and fitness methods.

If you are in Singapore and wish to work in-person, please find me on Tangram Wellness™ here.
If you are from outside of Singapore or wish to work virtually, we can work together via Skype/Email

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