CHANGE – is an amazing experience if you just let it happen to you and view it from the way it was intended to Be – Yan

Movement is inherent to a healthy and active life.

When we are able to carry our own body in whatever ways we desire in a pain-free way, we feel a liberating joy from within, almost instantaneously.
With my experience in Pilates, Calisthenics and REHAB™ fitness training, I am here to help you get back on your feet, one step at a time.

Regain your game of MOVEMENT – Science-based Progressive Training Program

Do you feel like your training program is headed nowhere? or perhaps your current fitness regime you are on is giving you more uneasy aches and nagging pains?

As women, we are born with a higher intuition than our male counterparts. Listen to your body, these are tell-tales signs that your program is not working right. As a certified Pilates and REHAB™ trainer, I am equipped with the skills and knowledge to get you to moving stronger and pain-free.

This option here is for YOU — I believe in an evidence-based training program that is customized for YOU. One that gets you not only enjoy your fitness routine but also one that gets your foundation strong.

Suitable for complete beginners or simply to get started again.

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