CHANGE – is an amazing experience if you just let it happen to you and view it from the way it was intended to Be – Yan

True Feminine Strength and Power lies in the ability to show up, daring greatly and be vulnerable (inspired by Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly).
Being a type A, driven and high-octane person, I can recognize and relate with many women who wants a life that is not bound by rules and judgmental opinions.
Living under lies and societal pressure can ignite a trigger in us which can cause our health to deteriorate,
setting ourselves up on a wild-goose chase to find freedom and strength from within.

What is Strength to you?

REGAIN YOUR GAME OF STRENGTH – the Ultimate Transformation

For the Women Ready to Commit to Results and Complete Positive Change

You were once at the top of the physical game. Nothing could stop you. You are super driven and you were dominating the game of your field.

But somehow along the way, you got thrown off the bandwagon — perhaps an unexpected career switch, a bad break in a personal relationship or even a physical injury. And now you lost that motivation to get it all back.

Your strength dips, your energy dips, you start to notice changes not just to your physical but also your emotional, mental and spiritual aspect.

But you know– that warrioress in you still reside. You are ready to embark the journey again, once and for all. ( I don’t deny, I have been through this many times the past 10 years. )

This option is for you — You are ready and committed to real total change.

Suitable for mothers, entrepreneurs or corporate leaders or anyone who truly wants a comprehensive transformation change.


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