CHANGE – is an amazing experience if you just let it happen to you and view it from the way it was intended to Be – Yan

Being vital as we age is crucial so that we can live life with a sense of vigor and vibrancy.

Having surviving cancer at 24 , suffering burn-out from my 8-year old retail business and going through many body changes with
extreme dieting and training, I have not been sparred from experiencing fluctuating energy levels.
Continuously seeking evidence-based research and on-going professional training in integrative methods
towards increasing vitality, I am here to help you get feel energized and ready to conquer whatever life throws at you.

Regain your game of VITALITY – An integrative health-and-lifestyle approach

You have been diagnosed with some form of hormonal imbalances and inflammation (oestrogen dominance, endometriosis, thyroid imbalances (hypothyroidism), PCOS, HPA Axis dysfunction/ adrenal fatigue, menopausal symptoms, digestive bloating , gut issues, leaky gut / IBS ) and your energy levels have been erratic or consistently dipping ( HPA Axis dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome).

Most of the time, this relies on finding the suitable type of nutrition plan that works best for your body as Nutrition forms such an intimate relationship with us women – affecting our hormones, moods, cravings and energies.

You know you NEED to do something with your lifestyle, apart from just relying on the professional doctor but you don’t know who else to go to for the additional support. You want someone who is trained and knowledgeable in this aspect, working with you and your doctor together, to treat you as a person as a whole, rather than just another statistic.

This option is for YOU — More and more (men and) women are showing signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances, weight loss resistance and erratic energy levels. And this is where I come in – Understanding and Keeping our hormonal system in-check throughout a woman’s life which is crucial in keeping our feminine glow radiantly, as we go through menstrual and peri/pre/ menopause.

Suitable for women with known hormonal imbalances and who are ready for a lasting positive change in their lifestyle.

(Note: I am not a doctor in any way to treat medical issues, as a health coach, I am here to act as a support in areas of adopting healthy lifestyle and nutrition change to empower you to move past fears and blockages, and most of all, stick to the change over a long period of time.)



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